6 Best Features of Cortana in Windows 10

Microsoft is going to officially launch Windows 10 operating system in months. There are so many intellectual features which will be so ease for users. Cortana is also one of the best feature and Cortana itself includes so many best features so here are some points:

  • Cortana Microsoft’s Voice Assistant :  Cortana is the only feature which will listen you first and according to your voice it will give you response. Like if you say “Hey Cortana” this wakes up and will be ready to give response  and will open one tall expanded window which will show you list of files. That means Cortana is interpreting your spoken query into real time within a second.


  • Enough Information: At the basis of your query Cortana will give you more than enough information. In other words you can say, Cortana will have enough information to perhaps understand the rest of your questions and if sometime Cortana doesn’t hear you then you can type your questions on the desktop too.


  •  Notebook: Cortana have feature to store personal information like your interest, habits, locations, important reminders, and contacts means you can store your queries in Notebook. Basically it will save all the essential information about user and user can also view that information or can edit and delete also.
  • Design: This feature will appear on your desktop screen which will replace the search bar and icon that appeared in earlier builds. Cortana is only available  For US – English.  As you can see the design in below image


  • Delightful and easy to use:  Cortana is the most delightful and very easy to use because of  its arch. You can speak to Cortana in your own language. You can also type to use Cortana while asking your questions rather than restricting Cortana to just speech, which we know isn’t always appropriate.
  • Personality:  As  we used to express our emotions like witty, confident and loyal in the same way Cortana responds through voice, text and animated character. Cortana is programmed in that way to respond to different questions and present different answers based on the emotions. If Cortana correctly answers your question and is happy, it will let you know. so in that manner to check the emotions Microsoft wrote an actual script based on this definition which was spoken by a trained voice with thousands of responses to questions that will have variability to make Cortana feel like it has an actual personality and isn’t just programmed with robotic responses.

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