Download Windows 10 ISO for Free

Microsoft has launched Windows 10 operating system on January 23 2015. They told “windows 10 is not for all of us but its for each of us”. This operating system including highly developed intellect features like Cortana, Xbox, Spartan, so many new applications, its user interface designs and many more.

Cortana is main essential feature which already came in windows phones but this time its coming as a real person which will help you out in every aspects.  This feature will give you reminder , alert and keep the records of your interest, disinterest, friends, favorite things and many more.

Xbox one is not available for Windows or Windows app phone but in windows 10 operating system new Xbox app gonna be on console.

Spartan is kind of browser which you can say alternative to Internet explorer. It has so many functions like note-taking mode in which you can directly make a note on any web page which will capture the image.

According to the Microsoft, they have been working on new universal apps for Windows 10 operating system. For example Outlook. Microsoft is giving more attention to its designing part which will be more user friendly. This will give you more stylish and modern icons.


So now ISO  which is develop standards for project and service image is available for Windows 10 operating system.You can download this ISO image and can use in your personal system according to system type. Here are some links for download ISO image:

1. DOWNLOAD (3.81 GB) for iso image 64-bit

2. DOWNLOAD (2.93 GB) for iso image 32-bit

3. DOWNLOAD (3.79 GB) for iso image 64-bit

4. DOWNLOAD (2.94 GB) for iso image 64-bit

Download the Windows 10 ISO according to your system hardware. Make sure you download the right bit version for you computer. People make mistakes specially the new ones who don’t know the difference between 64 bit and 32 bit.

Below are the steps to free download and install Windows 10:

  1. Download the Windows 10 ISO from above link according to your computer.
  2. Download UnetBootIn Software and install it.
  3. Connect any USB Drive for 4 GB.
  4. Start UnetBootin and choose your pendrive in the selection menu.
  5. Click on browse button and navigate where your Windows 10 ISO is located.
  6. Click on create button, once process is finished you can disconnect your USB drive.
  7. Now restart your computer and make sure to change boot order to USB drive.
  8. Windows 10 Installation will automatically start from USB. You simply need to fill in information in between.

For more detailed installation guide: Windows 10 ISO full Installation Guide

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