Download Windows 10 Spartan Internet Browser

Spartan is the new and latest feature in Windows 10 which has been launched by Microsoft. Spartan 10 is an advanced up gradation of internet browser. Spartan is kind of web browser which has extra functionality. For example if you are reading an article and you found a word which you are not able to understand. In that case, in behind, Cortana is running will bring lots of relevant information from the side bar. It also means Spartan web browser is coming with Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant that is also built into the Windows desktop.


As Cortana is working in the background to pull up the cognizant information in front right when you need it. This web browser has some more vital functionality like  note-taking mode in which you can directly make a note on any web page which will capture the image and the next function is specially for reading so that you can make reading list which will sync from phones and tablets.



This new web browser said to be replacing internet explorer. According to Microsoft Spartan web browser is expected to run multiple different browsers inside this.Which means , If we have any kind of web browsers might be Google chrome or Firefox or Opera or any else installed in your system then you will be able to display a webpage on a maximum 4 browsers in a single window.  However-according to reports- Spartan will not replace IE. In fact , Windows 10 is going to have two browsers- Internet Explorer 11 for backward compatibility as well as new lightweight Spartan.Most of the old websites were made to support Internet Explorer. In fact, still many old websites run perfectly on IE while they don’t on others. No plans seem to be underway to provide it as as a separate download.

“This web browser was official introduced on 21st January 2015 but the software is still not officially available to download

But here you can download some other web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla, below are the links:

  1. CLICK HERE to download Google Chrome
  2. CLICK HERE to download Mozilla Firefox

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