Best 5 Features of Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 is the operating system which is part of Windows NT family and developed by Microsoft. This operating system brings some truly surprising changes with it, along with expected twist to relieve Windows 8 sufferers and more holdouts from prior versions.

Below there are some features:

  • Cortana
  • Xbox
  • Project Spartan
  • New Universal apps for PC
  • User interface improvement and Design

1. Cortana

Cortana which means halo. It has already came in smart phones having windows 8.1 but this feature is now coming in operating system also in more advanced way. According to Microsoft you are going to see Cortana as you have never seen it before.This feature will act like a real person and will help you out in every aspect. This feature will give you reminder , alert and keep the records of your interest, disinterest, friends, favourite things and many more. Cortana is going to be a huge part of windows 10.This feature will appear on your desktop screen which will replace the search bar and icon that appeared in earlier builds.

2. Xbox

Xbox is the video gaming brand which came in series and this game created by Microsoft itself. Xbox one is not available for Windows or Windows app phone but in windows 10 operating system new Xbox app gonna be on console. As we saw practically no Windows apps have made it to the console but Microsoft says that will change next year.

3. Project Spartan

Spartan is kind of browser which you can say alternative to Internet explorer. It has so many functions like note-taking mode in which you can directly make a note on any web page which will capture the image and the next function is specially for reading so that you can make reading list which will sync from phones or from tablets. Cortana also comes as a part of Spartan as you will type any thing into search option Cortana will gather the related information from Spartan.

4. New Universal Apps for PC

According to the Microsoft they have been working on new universal apps for Windows 10 operating system. for example Outlook , most of the companies use outlook which gives you so many facilities like extra formatting capabilities or comprehensive styling. It doesn’t matter from which device you are checking your email. so Desktop users can also personalize outlook with a background image of their choice.

5. User Interface Improvement and Design

Microsoft is giving more attention to its designing part which will be more user friendly. This will give you more stylish and modern icons. Like in touch environment you can be able to re-size and expand menu in the same way here also menu can be re-sized and expand into a full-screen display. More over you can see iteration of start menu with an application list and all apps buttons on the left side and live tiles on the right side.

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