What is the Price of Windows 10 OS

According to reports from the Windows Hardware Engineering Community summit in Shenzhen, China that Microsoft will launch Windows 10 globally in all over 190 countries with 111 languages this summer. Windows has already been global with more than 1.5 billions of users around the world so in todays generation hundreds of millions PC is operating Windows.

As per announcement Windows 10 will launch late 2015 and technical preview will end on 15th April 2015. This operating system will be a free upgrade for windows 7 and windows 8 users but only for one year. In case if you do not wish to upgrade the windows 7 or 8 in the first year then you will be charged. Microsoft still did not declare anything about exact pricing but they are expecting to charge a one off license fee and not to move in a subscription model.

Windows 10 Technical Preview beta


Pricing for Windows 10:

For windows 10 pricing Kevin Turner who is the Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft told in Credit Suisse Technology Investment conference that a subscription model can be a possibility for windows 10 and also they haven’t declared the exact pricing framework yet. According to him most probably the business model stuff will be out in late 2015.

Windows 10 Release date:

Belfiore who is the Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group at Microsoft suggested Windows 10 was very much a work in progress, stating that the April 2015 release date, we can expect.

At an event stating that the doubt on cast was possible rumoured 2015 April. Where attendees were told Windows 10 won’t be shipping until “later” in 2015.

So guys get ready for Windows 10. I’m using the technical preview version and it’s pretty awesome. According to a recent news, everyone will get a upgrade including those who are running pirated versions. There will be so many features coming in Windows 10 such as Menu, Cortana, Spartan, Apps in window format, multiple desktop, xbox etc. One of the most interesting features is the menu. People were so furious about not having it in Windows 8. Microsoft decided to introduce in Windows 8.1 and now they have come up with XP & Windows 8 style menu combined.

Eagerly waiting. Are you?

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